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What do our Healthwatch clients say?

"I would have had difficulty on my own. I feel happy that I have access to this free service."


"Answered my query and solved the problem for us."


"I felt extremely informed and now know what my next steps will be."


"Excellent service considering we walked in off the street without an appt."


"Absolutely marvelous, the service changed my life."


And here are some satisfaction data about the service we offer....

Healthwatch Hampshire


Citiznes Advice Hampshire are working in partnership with Help and Care to devliver Healthwatch Hampshire. We provide two specific services:


  • A walk in reporting service
  • An advocacy service


The Walk in Service is based in local Citizens Advice offices. This offers the opportunity for the community to not only discuss their concerns about NHS and Social Care but other connected issues relating to thier health and wellbeing.


The more complex cases are dealt with by our advocacy service. The circumstances where a case would be referred might be:

  • When the case is complex and perhaps covers a few NHS organisations
  • When it involves continuing healthcare issues
  • When clients need more input to help them handle and deal with their complaint
  • When they are unable, due to learning difficulties or grief to articulate their complaint
  • If they are nervous about facing an NHS organisation on their own.
  • Where a client has tried to go through the process themselves but can not get any further


Our Advocacy Service holds a Quality Performance Mark that recognises the expertise the team possess.