Reaching People Together

Introducing Reaching People Together

What is the Reaching People Together Programme?


Reaching People Together (RPT) is a partnership project that is funded by Hampshire County Council in March 2021 and set up by Citizens Advice Hampshire (in collaboration with Citizens Advice Winchester District & Citizens Advice Rushmoor) to:

  • Reduce the impact of Covid-19 in targeted communities (e.g. through increased compliance with public health messages, self-isolation, vaccine take up); and
  • Address the underlying causes of health inequalities in these communities (e.g. through reducing debt/poverty, improving financial wellbeing, improving employment conditions and housing, and reducing known triggers of mental ill-health).

    What is Refernet?


    Refernet is an online portal that enables Citizens Advice services, other Agencies and Partners across Hampshire to refer directly to each other via a safe, confidential and secure system.

    Citizens Advice Hampshire leads the project to find a way to send and receive referrals. This referral tool gives agencies their own page and identity, which is also GDPR compliant. This gives them complete control to monitor all their referrals both incoming and outgoing, update and ask for further information confidentially and securely.  This also enables them to record, measure & report outcomes independently.

    The Refernet tool is being used in other parts of the UK, including Liverpool, Peterborough and Wales. More area’s are signing up every week.

    Examples of the agencies using the Refernet system are Food Banks, Social Prescribers, Housing Associations, Voluntary Services, Local Authorities and the NHS.  In addition to agencies offering support to Older people and those with disabilities, including mental health support. 

    The aim of Refernet is to provide a fast and efficient referral system that enables all of our clients to receive the support and help they need in the most timely way possible.  For more information, please contact our Refernet Co-ordinator Elaine Allum, on 07849 300 685 or by email

    Watch the video below to find out how Refernet works:


    What is Advice First Aid?

    The Advice First Aid partnership supports some of the most vulnerable people in our community by training frontline workers to deliver basic advice ‘first aid’ to their beneficiaries. The training enables staff and volunteers working in the community to help identify an issue, provide some initial basic help such as reading through information on the Citizens Advice website, and knowing when to refer someone to one of our expert team of advisers. To date we have trained over 200 people to become Advice First Aiders (AFA) across our communities. Click here to find out more.

    We have a specially trained Coordinator working with hard to reach groups based in Rushmoor.  Starting with the BAME communities we have been delivering and adapting AFA training sessions adding to the success of the project.  Click here to find out more.