Course Materials

Citizens Advice Hampshire Online Course Material

Managing Remotely - Communication and Wellbeing: 

Pre-course Material

Handout 1 Communication Strategy Draft- PDF Format

Handout 1 Communication Strategy Draft- Word Format

Managing Remotely - Supervision and Mentoring:

Pre-course Material

Introduction to Welfare Benefits:

Handout 1- The Benefit Package

Handout 2 - Benefits Exercises (no answers)

Universal Credit 1: Eligibility, Structure and Making a Claim:

Handout 1 - Which Element Handout

Handout 2 - Stages Involved in making a Universal Credit Claim

Universal Credit 2: Calculating Universal Credit:

Handout 1 -  Elements Rate Chart April 2020

Handout 2 - Calculating UC Exercises

Mental Health Awareness - An Introduction to Advising:

Pre Course Work

Handout 1 - Address your stress - self care

Handout 2 - Covid Signposting

Handout 3- In a crisis

Handout 4 - Supporting your mental healt while working from home

Mental Health Awareness - A Deeper Understanding of Mental Health Needs:

Pre Course Work - A Deeper Understanding

Handout 1 - Nice impact Mental Health

Handout 2 - Support Someone who feels Suicidal

Handout 3 - Nice Draft Guidelines- Severe Enduring

Handout 4 - Covid Signposting

Handout 5 - In a Crisis

Handout 5 - Bereavement 2019

Handout 6 - Address your Stress - Self Care

Handout 7 - Further Reading

Advising Clients from Home - Tips and Techniques:

No course material required.

Personal Independence Payment - Successful Applications

Handout 1 - PIP Descriptors (please read before the course - no need to print)

Handout 2 - Specimen PIP2 Form (please read before the course but DO NOT print as it is 33 pages long. A printed copy is not needed)


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