Course Materials

Citizens Advice Hampshire Online Course Material

Introduction to Welfare Benefits:

Handout 1- The Benefit Package

Handout 2 - Benefits Exercises without answers

Introduction to Debt 1 - Exploration, Emergencies and First Steps:

Handout 1. Debt Advice Learning Diagram

Hanout 2. Is it an Emergency?

Hanout 3. Case Study and Letters January 2021

Handout 4. Budget Sheet First go

Introduction to Debt 2 - Debt Solutions Explained:

Handout 1. Final Budget

Handout 2. Debt Solutions Table

Handout 3. Debt Solutions Activity

Universal Credit Level 1:

Handout 1 - Which Element Handout

Handout 2 - Stages Involved in making a Universal Credit Claim

Universal Credit Level 2: 

Handout 1 -  Elements Rate Chart April 2020

Handout 2 - Calculating UC Exercises

Personal Independence Payment - Successful Applications

Handout 1 - PIP Descriptors (please read before the course - no need to print)

Handout 2 - Specimen PIP2 Form (please read before the course but DO NOT print as it is 33 pages long. A printed copy is not needed)

Handout 3 - How Many Points? (please print a copy before the course starts - you will need it during the course)