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Citizens Advice Hampshire Online Course Material

Please note that course handouts will be uploaded no later than two weeks before the course delivery date.

Challenging Benefit Decisions

In order to participate in the course you will need either a copy of the CPAG Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook 2020/2021 (last year's edition, mustard yellow cover), or access to an ASK-CPAG online account. Please ask your LCA for access to these resources.

Please do not feel that you have to print these documents - some are quite long - but you will need access to them during the course. You may wish to view them on screen instead:

HO1 Quiz Can they appeal
HO2 CRMR1 case study
HO3a Diary for Mrs A
HO3b ESA Descriptors
HO3c Submission for Mrs A
HO4 Find the Law
HO5 Submission and Law for Mr B

Introduction to Housing Advice 1 - Housing Status & Rights of the Tenants:

HO1 Housing and Homelessness Jargon List (the same document as HO1 in Intro to Housing Advice 2)

HO2 Housing Status and Vulnerability to Eviction

Introduction to Housing Advice 2 - Housing Options & Homelessness:

HO1 Housing and Homelessness Jargon List (the same document as HO1 in Intro to Housing Advice 1)

HO2 Housing Options Exercises

HO3 Homelessness Exercises

HO4 Homelessness Reduction Act flowchart South Cambs

Introduction to Welfare Benefits:

HO1 The Benefit Package

HO2 Benefits Exercises

Confidence with Online Benefit Calculators

H01 Delegate Workbook

H02 Case Study Checklists

HO3 Benefits Checklist Master Copy

Introduction to Debt 1 - Exploration, Emergencies and First Steps

H01 Debt Advice Learning Diagram

H02 Is it an Emergency

H03 Case Study and Sample Letter - May 2022

H04 Budget Sheet First Go

Introduction to Debt 2 - Debt Solutions Explained

H01 Maggie and Leroy Final Budget

H1a Maggie and Leroy SFA

H02 Debt Solutions Table

H03 Debt Solutions Activity

Universal Credit 1: Eligibility, Structure and Making a Claim

HO1 Which Element Handout

HO2 Stages Involved in making a Universal Credit Claim


Universal Credit 2: Calculating Universal Credit

HO1 Elements Rate Chart - April 2022

HO2 Calculating UC Exercises

Universal Credit - the tricky bits:

HO1 Managed Migration and Transitional Protection Quiz - Updated Aug 22

HO2 Calendar for Assessment Periods (please make sure you have a printed hard copy of this document)

HO3 Case Study non-monthly Payments

HO4 Deductions from UC Priority Order

HO5 Deductions Case Studies

Personal Independence Payment - Successful Applications

HO1 PIP Descriptors

HO2 Quiz - How many Points

HO3 Specimen PIP2 Form (please do not print - this document is 33 pages long)

Level 2 Award in First Aid for Mental Health (accredited)

Evaluation Form FAA-FAMH-DL

Qualification Specification FAA-MH2-DL

Registration Form FAA-MH2-DL

Resources FAA-MH2-DL

Skills for Advice

HO1 Questioning Exercise

HO2 Link to the Essential Information Questions Booklet on Skillsbook (you must log into Skillsbook to access this document)

HO3 Surinder and Stella - Summarising exercise

Quality in Case Recording

1. Framework across all topics and all levels of advice

2. Well Written Housing Case Record

3. Employment Case Record 1

4. Employment Case Record 2

Train the Trainer 

Please complete the Honey & Mumford Learning styles questionnaire and bring the results to the first session. You can complete this online or by downloading and completing the questionnaire below. Please also have a copy of the attached Honey & Mumford Descriptors available for the first session.

Honey & Mumford LS descriptions

Honey and Mumford LS Questionnaire

or Complete the questionnaire online by clicking here

Introduction to Giving Employment Advice

HO1 Employment Status and Rights

HO2 Employment Rights Quiz - Questions

HO3 Dismissal Quiz

HO4 Employment Tribunal Process

HO5 Final Case Studies Questions

Supervision for New Managers & Supervisors

Leadership Styles Questionnaire

Learning Styles Questionnaire